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Rhonesha Howerton wears various hats in her entrepreneur life. She currently serves as the Owner and CEO of Credit Medics, LLC, Co-Founder of Queening Mentoring Program, Co-Owner of ‘Get Well Urgent Care’ medical facility, and CEO of Neesh Speaks, her motivational speaker platform. Above all else, Rhonesha is an advocate – an advocate for empowering women and her QUEENING brand. She lives each day with drive and purpose – to facilitate the ongoing development of women (as many as she can!) and set new standards for purposeful success. As a powerful and uplifting servant of the community, she is a motivational force guiding young Queens throughout the city of Philadelphia and beyond.


Howerton’s hometown, Philadelphia, prepared her for the position she’s holding today. She has always been inspired by people who have a story, coming from poverty stricken neighborhoods and escaped the statistics. These acts have influenced Howerton to become a motivational speaker, telling her story in various areas. In addition to motivational speaking, Howerton also serves as a small business and finance coach for clients in the Tri-State area and Atlanta, GA. She has been in the credit repair and finance business for several years.


Howerton’s passion is helping and educating others so they’re able to gain financial stability and growth. Her goal for current and prospective clients is to transform them financially and teach them ways to make great financial investments in the future to enhance their lives. Howerton has helped thousands of clients become first time home buyers, purchase new cars, expand and start their businesses and to obtain low interest rates.


Clients rave over Howerton’s stellar quality of service and the knowledge given through Credit Medics’ amazing results. Howerton teaches her clients to take over their credit, finances and how to get themselves out of debt. Howerton has assisted individuals near and far to accomplish their dreams and continues to achieve hers daily.


“In my life, someone saw potential in me and spent time and effort to help me see it too.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward.”

– Rhonesha Howerton


A mentor and coach at heart, Rhonesha endeavors to lead with a caring attitude and true transparency, that culminates in her greatest strengths in business: The ability to gain her clients trust and alignment for her QUEENING mission.


“We are all Queens! God gave you that crown to wear proudly. Your crown represents that you know who you are. You have confidence in where you are going and what you are capable of.  When others see your crown, they respect you and hold you to a higher standard.  Because, you know who you are and the power that you have within yourself.  It will take some longer than others to discover their crowns, but I encourage you all to accept being a Queen.  In turn, I have coined a phrase, ‘As a Queen who is Winning in life, you are therefore QUEENING’. Queens know that they can win and that’s why they are ‘Queening’. You need to believe that you can win before you cross the finish line.”

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